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The Royal Canadian Mint is a corporation of the Crown and operates as the mint of Canada under the Royal Canadian Mint Act; with ownership held in trust for the Crown of Canada. Producing all of Canada's circulating legal tender coins and for a number of other countries around the world as well, their range of services includes the manufacturing and design of base metal and precious metal collector coins, gold, silver and PGM bullion coins, tokens and even medallions. The Royal Canadian Mint also offers both silver and gold refinery along with assaying services.

The Master of the Mint is accountable to the Ministry of Finance which serves as a consort for the relationship between Parliament, Cabinet and the Mint. Producing a vast range of the highest-purity gold, silver, palladium, and platinum bullion coins with the ever-recognizable Maple Leaf motif and investment grade bars of gold and silver as well as bespoke products for both industrial applications and the jewelry industry globally.

Sources for the Royal Canadian Mint include primary producers, financial institutions, recyclers and industry; all of which their innovative and state-of-theart refinery is fully capable of refining precious metals from. Raw gold is refined to 995 fine and then to 9999 fine for customers around the world.

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