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At Gold Stackers, we’re dedicated to providing you with an unparalleled experience in buying and selling gold, silver, and platinum bullion.

Located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD, we ensure your privacy and wealth management needs are met with the utmost care and consideration. Our streamlined process requires minimal documentation and complies with all government regulations.

Whether you’re buying bullion or selling it, we always ensure you receive a straightforward, secure transaction. Get in touch with our welcoming and knowledgeable team for all your bullion needs, and experience why we are Melbourne’s trusted gold buyers and sellers.

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We trade in Gold, Silver & Platinum

Gold Bullion

Gold has been a reliable store of value throughout history that’s provided stability in uncertain times. Owning gold bullion is a smart choice for wealth preservation and growth. As premier precious metal dealers in Melbourne, we buy and sell physical gold bullion, gold coins, and gold bars.

Silver Bullion

Silver coins and bars are excellent investment options that offer both industrial and monetary value. Its affordability and demand make it an especially valuable addition to any investment strategy. At Gold Stackers, we buy and sell silver bars, coins, and bullion.

Platinum Bullion

Platinum is a rare and valuable metal with significant industrial applications. Its rarity and diverse uses make platinum a wise investment for long-term gains. We facilitate the buying and selling of platinum bullion so you have many opportunities to invest in this precious metal.

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Convenient and secure bullion delivery

We offer convenient delivery options for your bullion purchases. Choose from general couriers, our most common method, or opt for security couriers like Failsafe, Armaguard, and Brinks for high-value deliveries. Please note, security courier deliveries are only available to business addresses.

For extra peace of mind, you can insure your bullion for as little as 0.5% – 0.8% of its value.

Please note: To ensure your precious metals are not left in storage depots over the weekend, we do not ship on Fridays.

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Fully-insured and secure bullion vaulting

Infographic showing a table of fees for vaulting

If you prefer not to take your bullion home or deal with our guaranteed confidence safety deposit boxes, you can choose to instead vault your bullion with us. Our vaults are fully insured and secure to keep your investment safe.

To avoid storage fees, consider pool allocation. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of vaulting without the additional costs.

Unable to visit our Melbourne store? Contact us via phone or email. We’ll help you buy or sell bullion, and securely store it in your own private vault.

Please note: A 3-business day notice is required for collection, as items are stored in an off-site vault.

Secure your retirement with SMSF investments

Investing in precious metals through a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is a proven strategy for wealth preservation. Gold, silver, and platinum have historically acted as insurance policies that safeguard assets against economic fluctuations.

An SMSF allows trustees to select assets that match their risk profile and investment strategy, providing you with control over your retirement savings. Superannuation protects your wealth until retirement, and with an SMSF, you have the flexibility to manage these savings according to your preferences.

Gold and silver bullion

We're committed to security and compliance

Low Premium Gold - 100g (Minted, With/without packaging)

At Gold Stackers, we prioritise your security and compliance with all Australian laws and regulations. We require identification and adhere to stringent reporting standards to ensure every transaction is safe and transparent.

Our privacy policy is designed to protect your personal information, so you can be assured that your data is handled with the utmost confidentiality. You can trust us to manage your investments with integrity and security.

Why choose Gold Stackers?

Trusted expertise

We’re a known and trusted Australian bullion company that’s been trading in gold and silver bullion since 1980. Our knowledgeable team, led by Kunal Sindhav, ensures that when you buy gold, silver, or platinum products from us, your experience is seamless, secure, and informed.

Competitive pricing

Our goal is to provide the best value for your investment. We offer competitive platinum, silver and gold price quotes on all coins, bars, and bullion to ensure you get the most out of your transactions with us.

Secure transactions

We prioritise your safety and security. All our bullion transactions, including purity and weight tests, are conducted with the utmost discretion, with the guarantee that you will receive authentic and high-quality products.

Convenient location

Visit our Melbourne office in the heart of the CBD. If you’re looking to buy or sell gold bullion, our team is ready to assist you with a warm, friendly, and professional approach.

Flexible options

From vaulting services to home delivery, we offer various options to store and secure your investment. Our bullion vaulting service provides a safe alternative to safety deposit boxes, while our secure couriers ensure your precious metals are delivered with care.

Investment confidence

Investing in gold, silver, and platinum not only diversifies your portfolio but also acts as a hedge against economic uncertainty. Our high net wealth clients, SMSF trustees, and corporate employees trust us for our integrity, knowledge, and commitment to their financial security.

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Location – Suite 805, Level 8 227 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000
Monday – Friday (9:00 am – 4:00pm)

Mailing Address – PO BOX 59, Flinders Lane, VIC, 8009

Phone – 1300 618 363 / 03 9120 8612
Email – [email protected]

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