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Precious metals storage is a popular choice for Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) Trustees and investors who seek the security of a custom built vaulting facility.  Gold Stackers offers a range of storage options and clients will receive regular transaction reports and Financial Year valuations.

The range of storage options includes:

Visit the conveniently located Melbourne showroom with onsite storage or our highly secure Head Office facility in Queensland (pictured) with state of the art features which are unique as one of Australia’s largest, purpose-built fully custodial vaulting facilities.

Precious metal storage is a popular choice for Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) investors, who receive regular transaction and portfolio holding updates and Financial Year valuations.

Details of each storage option:

Pool Allocated
  • Pool allocated is a flexible option when choosing to invest in gold, allowing you to trade in a cost-effective way.
  • An excellent option for SMSF and traders who buy and sell regularly
  • Rather than buying a specific item, you can invest in the pool of products with 100% backing by physical metal which is fully insured.
  • Most customers simply trade, although should you wish to take physical possession, a barring fee for your metal can be applied so it can be fabricated into a particular bar size. It can then be collected or shipped fully insured for a fee.
  • A great starter or savings program for the new precious metal investor.
  • You may sell back your bullion at any time and funds will be directly transferred into your nominated account or paid to you in cash.
  • Buyback prices are as per the live Price List on our website.


  • Purchase specific denomination bars from Gold Stackers, and request them to be vaulted. This bullion does not have serial numbers but exhibits weight, mintmark, and purity stamps.
  • Your bars are vaulted with other client’s bars of the same size.
  • You can collect or ship your bars at any time. However, you’re unlikely to receive the specific bars you purchased as yours will be stored with other client bars. Don’t worry though: you get a bullion bar of the same weight, purity and value that you stored with us.
  • Items must be purchased from our range of specified allocated products to receive preferential storage and insurance fees – not all catalogue items are suitable for allocated storage.
  • 3 business days’ notice required for collection (items are stored in an off-site vault)
  • Please note: there are storage and insurance fees applicable (please see table below).
Hold for Shipping (for 60 days only)
  • Convenient storage for up to 60 days from the date of initial order. There is a $2 administrative charge per order held for combined shipping.
  • After 60 days, we will remind you via email that your goods are ready for collection or shipping.
  • If you elect for shipping, we will send you a shipping invoice and dispatch your goods upon payment.
  • If you elect for storage, do not respond, or do not collect your orders from the Melbourne office within 14 days, your orders will be moved to Gold Stackers Treasury Reserve’s private vaulting facility, and you will be invoiced at private storage rates backdated to the date of purchase.
  • The same policy will be applied for goods marked “For Pickup” that are not collected within 60 days of ordering
For private storage of serial numbered and specific items
  • Purchase serialised bullion or specific product from Gold Stackers. Each bar is individually identified for easy tracking and storage. Make sure you request vaulting.
  • Your product is stored under a specific account name.
  • Great for investors who want serialised bullion for audit purposes eg. SMSFs.
  • Suitable for any item in our catalogue – no limitations on what you can buy to store
  • 3 business days’ notice required for collection (items are stored in an off-site vault)
  • Storage and insurance fees are applicable (please see the table below).
For private storage of items you bring to us
  • You already own specific bullion bars or coins, and want them to be vaulted and insured by Gold Stackers Treasury Reserve.
  • Your bullion will be photographed, registered, weighed, and segregated in our private vaulting facility.
  • 3 business days’ notice required for collection (items are stored in an off-site vault)
  • Storage and insurance fees are applicable for this service (please see the table below).

Storage Fees

Pool AllocatedAllocatedStored Serial
Number Bars
Private Storage
Gold Storage FeesFree0.65%0.85%0.85%
Silver Storage FeesFree1.25%1.50%1.50%
Full Replacement InsuranceYESYESYESYES
Storage Fees InvoicedN/AQuarterlyQuarterlyQuarterly
Minimum PurchaseNil1 oz gold or 1kg silver1oz gold or 1kg silver1oz gold or 1kg silver
Bullion BarsOwnership of part of a larger barIndividual denomination barsIndividual serial number bars or private holdingsIndividual serial number bars or private holdings
DocumentationTax Invoice & StatementTax Invoice & StatementTax Invoice, Serial bar numbers & StatementTax Invoice, Serial bar numbers & Statement

* Storage & insurance fees are calculated as percentage (%) of the total value of your bullion being vaulted.
* As the prices are constantly changing, storage fees are invoiced at the end of each quarter, and the invoice is based on the spot price of the last day of the quarter.


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