There will come a time when you will need to start selling gold back. Gold Stackers has made this process simple and easy. We offer extremely competitive prices for clients and we buy back any brand, regardless of whether it has been purchased from us or not. Our buyback price is determined by the current spot price less a premium. The premium is different for each bar and is determined by the bars weight and metal type. In most instances the premium does not change, however it may change in extremely volatile conditions. For example when there is a shortage of precious metals, and the demand increases, then you may get more for selling your gold during this period.
Please complete the form below to enter the quantity you wish to sell, along with your contact details. Once Gold Stackers receives your enquiry, we will be in contact to discuss the procedures. You’ll need to either present your metal to our public trading office at Suite 805, Level 8, 227 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000 in person, or we can assist you with freighting and insuring your gold and silver all the way from your home to us.So when it comes time to start selling gold, contact us for help.

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