Recent Gold news

The recent Gold price rally has resulted in a dramatic pick up in gold purchases. Our customer buying activity has been primarily price driven, but also partially due to a lot of our clients’ frustrations with Australian banks and concerns about the potential bubbles in both the stock market and Australian property. We shall see if this recent move upwards in the gold price continues as global economic volatility slowly increases.

There has also been an interesting change in Europe recently that could continue to affect gold prices. In April the Bank of International Settlements changed the status of gold from a tier 3 asset to a tier 1 asset. This means that gold is now considered a much less risky asset for banks to hold. Further given concerns some banks have over government bonds (especially in Europe where the liquidity in the bond market has almost dried up) and their risk you may see a little more purchasing of gold by European banks.

Rhodium – to infinity and beyond ?

As we have been communicating with clients recently a balanced portfolio of precious metals, if managed correctly, can add significant value to a portfolio. When we look at a potential client portfolio we look at range of precious metals and suggest that a client balances their precious metals holdings between,

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium and
  • Rhodium

We have recently been communicating with clients the opportunity we believe exists for Rhodium now and as you can see from the graph below the rhodium price has produced amazing returns for our clients


Introducing Auctus

Goldstackers is proud to announce that it has secured the exclusive Victorian agency rights to offer the remarkable Auctus precious metal managed portfolios. These portfolios turn traditional passive precious metal portfolios into portfolios that are actively managed by an algorithm delivering performances circa 20%pa net of fees over the last 40 years.

 The audited pro-forma results of the 2 Auctus portfolios:

Annualised YTD performance for the 2 portfolios

Auctus – Provectus Model 1:        8.84%

Auctus – Provectus Model 2:        22.70%

If you would like any more information about Auctus, what it does and how it can help you please ask our sales team on 1300 618 363 or email [email protected] and they will be happy to discuss this opportunity with you.



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