Dear Customers

You will no doubt be aware of the unprecedented demand for physical metals over the past few weeks. This has resulted in lengthy delivery delays for all products as the respective refineries and suppliers process their backlogs. These delays are now undetermined.

The COVID19 situation is causing additional delays in the supply chain from the mines and we appreciate everybody’s patience until the situation is resolved.

Please be assured that all metal will be supplied. If you have paid for your metal you own it and if you wish or need to sell it back to us before it is delivered to you, you may do so at the prevailing buy back price.

If you have chosen “Collect” as the handling option,

  1. Please be patient, your metal will arrive, it is just going to take longer than expected.
  2. When metal is available for collection, you will receive an email clearly stating this.
  3. If collections from the counter become restricted or impossible due to COVID19 directives, we will provide storage for your order, free of charge until the restrictions are lifted.

If you have chosen “Delivery” as the handling option,

Currently, due to COVID19, courier drivers are now unable to take signatures from recipients when parcels are delivered. This voids our jewellers block transit insurance as there is not sufficient proof of delivery to fulfill the carrier’s obligations.

When your metal is available, if you have chosen delivery, you will have the following options:

  1. We can send WITHOUT insurance to you. Any insurance fee paid to us will be refunded to you. Your intention to accept this condition must be received in writing before any metal will be sent.
  2. We do not recommend that parcels of value be sent into the current environment uninsured.
    • We will provide storage for your order, free of charge until the restrictions are lifted and you parcel can be dispatched safely as selected.

Our telephone lines are extremely congested and it is difficult to get through. Please address your concerns concisely in an email and we will endeavor to reply to you as soon as we are able.

These are testing times – if everybody shows patience and restraint, we will get through this event safely and sanely.

We thank you for your continued support,
Gold Stackers Team

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