Low Premium Gold – 1oz (Minted/Rounds/Cast)

Low Premium Gold - 1oz (Minted/Rounds/Cast)

$3,799.72 /unit
Buy Back Price: $3,613.30


Simply after the cheapest gold? Our low premium offering is exactly that – an ounce of gold, purity and weight guaranteed, but absolutely at our discretion.

Anything from brand new minted bars to second hand scruffy coins, all for the same price.

Stock used to fill orders for this item can include buybacks of varying condition – including coins in non-collectible grades. Any buybacks used to fill orders will have undergone testing to guarantee purity prior to release. This item really is for clients who believe “gold is gold”. You could get anything, but it will be 1oz of 99.99% pure gold.

We do accept back orders for this item – allow up two (2) weeks for your order to be filled if there is no current stock on hand.

Picture is for illustration purposes only, and represents a sample of the types of gold that may be used to fulfill orders.


Metal Content (Troy oz)      1.000
Fineness (% purity)      99.99

Handling options:

Collect from our public trading office
A range of courier options
Store in our secure vaulting facility

$3,799.72 /unit

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Why Low Premium?

Why This Brand?

Why trade with Gold Stackers?

Gold Stackers (Aust) Operation Pty Ltd has a showroom in CBD Melbourne with a secure vault and meeting environment where safety and discretion are assured. Plus we have a fully custodial vault which is one of the very few of its kind in Australia.

We are an Australian owned and operated the company with strong values, high integrity and a mission to help you to invest in precious metals, without stress. Our team is experienced and renowned for being friendly and helpful.

We are an authorised distributor for Perth Mint, Baird & Co and Gold Stackers brands and also carry a huge range of cast and minted bars, coins and other investment grade and bullion products such as PAMP Suisse, Royal Canadian Mint, Scottsdale and more.

When you're ready to sell your metals, we'll buy your gold and silver back from you. We're often asked what happens if the price gets really high. Over the many years we've been trading, we've seen a consistent demand for gold and silver. Our buy-back and selling prices are always based on the current spot price.

SMSF’s can invest - Many of our clients invest in precious metals through their superannuation fund portfolio and the number of people adopting this proactive approach to wealth management is growing fast.

Precious metals stored with Gold Stackers are covered by insurance for full replacement value. Regular audits are conducted at the facility, to confirm compliance, accuracy and transparency.

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