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By clicking "I accept" during the checkout process, you are acknowledging that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions displayed on this page.


Orders for precious metals can be placed online via the Gold Stackers website. All orders are considered a Contract of Sale, and you accept that you are entering into a binding contract requiring payment when you order via this website, via telephone, or in-person in our store.

At this time we are currently only serving the Australian market with Australian delivery addresses due to insurance limitations.

Any order over $5,000 AUD will be subject to telephone confirmation by Gold Stackers. Please ensure correct contact details are entered so that we may reach you. If telephone confirmation cannot be made for new customers, Gold Stackers may at our discretion cancel the order as unconfirmable.


Prices on this website are automatically updated on a regular basis during international bullion trading sessions.

Gold Stackers reserves the right to cancel orders without prejudice in the event that incorrect prices are published as a result of unexpected data feed or technical issues.

All prices on this website are in Australian dollars (AUD).


When you place your order, you will be advised of the total amount payable including delivery during checkout. Payments must be received within one business day by direct deposit - so please be prepared to transfer funds immediately after placing your order and receiving email confirmation. Banking details will be sent via email with your order confirmation.

If you place an order that requires customer identification to be provided, payment is still required at time of ordering to confirm pricing.

If you anticipate placing an order that requires customer identification, you may supply your identification in advance of placing your order to minimise shipping delays.

Orders where payment has not been received within two business days may at our discretion be cancelled, and our market loss policy and unpaid order processing fees applied.


Orders are by default shipped by Australia Post Express Post Platinum within Australia. Alternate shipping methods may be employed where appropriate.

Shipping amounts are automatically calculated and added to your total during checkout, and no options are required to be selected.


All shipped orders include $25,000 free insurance. Please contact us for larger orders.

Cancellation Policy

Buying precious metals should be considered the same as buying shares through a stock broker - if you place an order, you have committed to buy.

Should circumstances arise that necessitate the cancelling of your order, you may do so via telephone (see the Contact page). It is the expectation of Gold Stackers that all orders are entered in good faith, as placing an order creates a financial exposure for Gold Stackers to the movements of the bullion market. All cancelled or reversed orders are subject to an order reversal processing fee of $100 AUD, in addition to any losses incurred by Gold Stackers as a result of changes in spot prices and market conditions. Gold Stackers will apply our market loss policy to all cancelled orders at our discretion. Order cancellation fees are to be paid by direct deposit at time of cancelling order.

Gold Stackers Australia Pty Ltd also reserves the right to cancel orders under, but not limited to, the following circumstances:

  • Incorrect prices were displayed at order time
  • Customer cannot be contacted by telephone for order confirmation
  • Customer does not provide identification when required
  • Payment is not received within two working days

Market Loss Policy

Should Gold Stackers incur a financial loss due to reversal (cancellation) of an order by a customer for any reason, our market loss policy may be applied at our discretion. Our market loss policy covers the financial exposure of Gold Stackers to spot price movements created when you enter into a Contract of Sale with us.

Should the spot price fall between your placing an order and the order being reversed, the difference in spot will be invoiced as payable by you to Gold Stackers in addition to an order reversal processing fee of $100 AUD.

Should the spot price rise between your placing an order and the order being reversed, the difference in spot will be forfeit. The $100 unpaid order processing fee will be applied at our discretion.

Unpaid market loss invoices will be transferred to a debt collection agency in the event they remain unpaid by their due date.

Goods & Services Tax

Gold Stackers Australia Pty Ltd is registered for GST. Most of the precious metals sold on this website are treated as "precious metals for investment purposes" by the Australian Tax Office, and are not subject to GST. Should items be eligible for GST due to their purity (e.g. less than .999 fineness for silver, .995 fineness for gold) or their nature (e.g. a proof coin), GST will be included in the displayed price, and noted in the product description.

Gold Stackers (Aust) Operation Pty Ltd is a Melbourne-based bullion dealer (ABN: 83 616 329 581) shipping throughout Australia. Phone 1300 618 363.

Our goal is simple - providing easy access to investment grade precious metals with genuine service and honest prices.

We are an authorised Perth Mint distributor, and carry gold, silver and platinum products including Kangaroo, Kookaburra, Koala, Lunar and Platypus coins, and both cast and minted bars.